Welcome to PARADIS- La Maison De Parfum - magical world of perfume.
Here, in Paradis, we have brought together the wide assortment of niche fragrances - products of the highest perfume art and refinement. In our store we will guide you through some of the best niche perfume names, including but not limited to House of Sillage, Ramon Molvizar, EVODY, Signature, Herve Gambs, Korloff, Gabriella Chieffo and many others. A fragrance from any of these brands would make a perfect and highly unique gift for yourself or your friends.

Fragrance is an invisible part of our personal style, and has a powerful effect on how people see and remember us. The unique list of brands carefully selected for delicate and sophisticated individuals will surely highlight your personality. Paradise is a great place to explore the beauty industry’s latest products, with many designers’ unique fragrances. 
In our shop employees are truly dedicated to making your shopping experience as positive as possible.

Long after one has forgotten what a woman wore. The memory of her perfume lingers.

Christian Dior